Chapter 6.2 – Lilac Pie


After our red carpet date, Java and I quickly became a steady couple.  He had practically moved in and we spent the evenings we weren’t working snuggled up on the sofa with a good movie.  He liked to try to predict the plot and I liked to envision myself in the lead role – my breakthrough performance!




Being Bella’s assistant was a great entry level job, but it honestly wasn’t enough to pay the bills.  I needed a side job.  With some help, I set up a cozy massage studio in my empty garage and started to beg for clients.  Was I a trained masseuse?  Berry, no!  But it was Monte Vista and the clientele for pampering was easy to find.


S’cuse me, but I’m here for my 10am appointment… I’m a friend of Bella’s.  You come highly recommended.”

I made a mental note to thank Bella later because I needed a moment to compose myself.  This was Tangerine Naples – the director of most of Bella’s high profile commercial shoots.  And he was standing in my massage studio talking to ME.  I tried to mask my surprise and stop myself from giggling like a school girl, but this could be my moment to catch a break!


As I placed the hot stones in an even pattern along Tangerine’s back, I tried to think of some way to strike up a conversation that would let him know I was an actress looking for work.  I wracked my brain, but I was at a loss – I didn’t want to sound like the cliche desperate failed actress who would be performing hot stone massages for the rest of my life.


Fortunately, I was spared the embarrassment of begging for work – “So, Lilac – Bella tells me you are actually quite the undiscovered talent here in Monte Vista.  You come from… where, again?”

Uh, Berryville, sir…” I muttered, suddenly feeling nervous, “But I wouldn’t say I’m THAT talented… I am just looking for some work around town.  You know, commercials, or whatever.”  

Why don’t you stop by the studio after you finish working with Bella tomorrow – I think I have something that might be just the fit.”


I quickly finished the massage and waited until Tangerine was safely out of ear shot before I began to giggle excitedly.  My very first professional job and it was going to be with Tangerine Naples!  I was possibly the luckiest girl in Monte Vista.


The afternoon of the shoot was cold and snowy – I dodged out of work with Bella early and prepped myself in the mirror.  You can do this, Lilac. I needed some positive affirmations to calm the butterflies in my stomach.


The traffic on the way to the studio was slow due to snow, and I began to worry even more that I was in way over my head.  What if I completely embarrassed myself?  What if this traffic jam never ended and I was late and Tangerine decided to cast an extra in my place?  What was I even going to be asked to do?  Whatever it was, I was determined to make this my one chance – my one big break.


A hot dog!? I muttered to myself as I stood in the dressing room in Studio C.  Tangerine Naples was filming a commercial for hot dogs and I was about to play a feisty, southwestern frankfurter.  I was beyond embarrassed, but how could I turn down a job?  I’d been begging around for months without any luck.  If this was my big break, I was slightly less than thrilled.


“Great, perfect – ” Tangerine said from behind the camera as we began filming.  “Now, all you need to do is dance across the set for me and we’ll dub in the music later.  Easy peasy!”


I nodded, but my stomach lurched.  I felt an unfamiliar flip-flop in my tummy and began to feel a cold sweat break out on my forehead.  Oh no.  Not now, please. I took a deep, shaky breath to ward off the sudden need to vomit, but it was no use.  I darted from the set and made a beeline for the bathroom.Screenshot-27

As I hovered over the toilet in the studio restroom, I had a sudden thought – I had never gotten so sick from nerves before.  In fact – I would consider myself to be a natural born performer.  I loved being on set – so what could possibly cause this sudden onset on nausea.


In bed that evening, I related the whole humiliating story to Java, who listened sympathetically.  “And I just have NO idea -” but suddenly a thought dawned on me.


“Uh, wait a sec… Java, what if I’m pregnant!?” I gasped as I began to count the days since my last period and realized that I was well over two weeks late.  Could it possibly be true?  And if it was, what kind of impact would this have on my blossoming career?


It’s okay, it’s okay,” Java comforted me as he pulled me into a close hug.  “If you are then that would honestly be the happiest news I’ve heard all week.  We could be parents!”  I felt a warm surge of love for my boyfriend and snuggled closer – we could be PARENTS!


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Chapter 6.1 – Lilac Pie


Well, it’s me, Lilac Pie… I guess in Sunset Valley that’s all I would need to say and practically the whole town would know who I am.  I’m a Pie – a sixth generation legacy heiress.  But now that means almost nothing.  I’m in Monte Vista where literally no one knows my name.


Okay, so maybe I have so explaining to do. You might be scratching your head thinking “Who are you?” or “What is a Pie doing in a town like Monte Vista” or just “Wha…???”  So I’ll give a quick recap…


These are my parents – Indigo and Lavender Pie; and probably the last you heard, Lavender was pregnant.  Well, she was pregnant with me (duh, I guess) and I grew up like any legacy heir – totally spoiled and doted upon, of course!  I think Mom and Dad wanted more children, but that never happened and now I’m left with the legacy planted squarely on my shoulders.


Mom? No, I’m fine – things here are… well, quiet.”

Mom was terrified at the thought of me all alone in a strange town, but I was determined to make it on my own.  I moved to Monte Vista to pursue my dream of becoming an actress and I wasn’t about to let on that I was just as terrified as Mom.


My first morning in my new home was dreary and rain soaked – but I woke up with a plan.  I needed to head to the movie studio and do my best to get a job doing something – anything – that would start me on my way to acting in real movies.


After heading to the movie studio and being openly rejected (they had no need of movie extras at this time) I was feeling dejected.  But before I could even begin to feel sorry for myself I caught a glimpse of Bella Christy.  THE Bella Christy.  Now, most people would have no clue who she was, but I (being the obsessive, ambitious fan that I am) recognized her immediately.  I took a deep breath and decided it was now or never.


Um, excuse me, Miss Christy?” she turned to face me and I felt words just begin spilling from my mouth, “I’m Lilac Pie and I’m a huge fan and I’m new to Monte Vista and I’m just looking for a job doing something – anything – for the movie studio.  Do you know someone I can speak with – someone who might be able to find some small job for me to do?”  I felt like a complete idiot but to my surprise, Bella Christy didn’t look angry or even slightly annoyed.  She smiled.  She actually smiled!!


“Well, Lilac, you honestly have perfect timing.  I was just thinking that I might need an assistant.  Someone to help with scheduling and planning… basically just an extra brain to help me stay organized.  You seem intelligent and eager… what if I talked to my manager and hired you myself?”  I swear my jaw hit the floor.  I was stunned – just my luck!


Turns out, Bella and I really hit it off – I realized after nearly six months had passed in Monte Vista and I would easily consider Bella to be my best friend.   It helped that I was eager to perform well for her and the longer I worked for Bella the more exposure I had in the public eye.  I adores Bella, but we both knew I wasn’t planning on being a personal assistant forever – I had much bigger dreams.


It was a breezy afternoon – the night of a big red carpet event – that Bella and I were sipping our coffee in the back yard of my little villa.  I had that feeling – that strange feeling – like we were being watched.  This wasn’t too far-fetched since Bella was often followed by paparazzi.

I think there’s someone watching us.” I exclaimed loudly to Bella, hoping the pesky photographer would get the hint and dash before being caught red handed.  Instead, I heard a rustle in the bushes nearby.


“He’s right behind those bushes -” Bella lowered her voice to a whisper and pretended to be sipping her coffee.  I stood up slowly and prepared to confront the intruder.


What in Berry’s name are you doing?!” I yelled as I burst through the bushes and found a young man looking flustered and terrified.  He was clearly not wielding a camera of any sort so I was genuinely confused as to what he could possibly be doing hiding in my bushes.


“Woah, woah – please – I – I’m sorry.”  he stammered, tripping backwards.  “I was just – I’m a reporter.  I’m so embarrassed… I just wanted some inside gossip on tonight’s red carpet event.  I thought – I – well….”


Despite being spied upon so rudely, I felt a pang of compassion for the flustered reporter.  I softened my tone, “Well, it doesn’t do any good to eavesdrop if you’re such a noisy snoop,” I chided, “Besides, it’s a bit rude, don’t you think?”  I felt Bella step up by my side as if to emphasize what I had said.


Awkwardly, the reporter turned to try to muddle his way out of my yard as Bella and I looked on, slightly amused.

“Well, after all that excitement, I suppose we should go get ready, hm?” I concluded the awkward conversation and Bella and I returned inside to get dressed for our eventful evening.


It was my first red carpet event and I must say, I was soaking up the attention.  I attended with Bella, of course, so I was in the lime light by association.  No one really knew who I was, but it didn’t matter to me in the slightest.  I was glowing beneath the lights like I was born to be on stage!



Once we made it into the building we spent the evening dancing and giggling, enjoying our night of glitz and glam.

OMB, Lilac… don’t look now, but I think our little spying friend is actually the DJ here tonight!!” Bella was in a fit of giggles as I glanced over her shoulder with a look of stunned shock.  She was absolutely right!


Just as I registered what Bella had said, I made eye contact with the eavesdropper and Bella muttered something about refreshments and disappeared.  The music thumped to a close and I found myself face to face with the man from earlier that day.


I feel like I should explain…” he began.  He was still flustered, but I noticed he was actually rather attractive.  And he intrigued me – a reporter by day, a DJ by night?  I must have shown my curiosity in my expression because he seemed to take my silence as permission to continue, “I shouldn’t have gone to your house this afternoon, but I’m kind of desperate.  My boss is demanding this amazing story from tonight’s events and I’m totally stuck.  I thought maybe I could get some ideas… but it was stupid… I just look like a creepy stalker.  And well, I’m really sorry.”


To my surprise, I found myself kind of liking the guy, despite my disgust with his reporting skills.  “Well,” I laughed, “you WERE kind of creepy… but I guess I can understand your desperation.” his jaw practically dropped in surprise.  I think he half-expected me to slap him!


To be honest…” he continued, inching a little closer to me, his hand brushing my arm, “I have been more interested in you lately than the famous Bella Christy.  That’s probably why my stories are so crappy… I can’t keep my eyes off of you.”

It was a forward and flirtatious compliment, but I fell head over heels at the precise moment.  I blame the copious amounts of champagne and the clever timing of Bella’s disappearance, but I found myself actually attracted to this man and I didn’t even know his name!

I’m Java, by the way,” he added, “Do you want to get some fresh air?”


Java and I headed off the dance floor and I still didn’t see any sign of Bella, so I assumed she would figure out where I’d gone later in the night.  It was a clear, cloudless evening and the stars were gorgeous, so Java and I just sat on the grass near the now empty red carpet entrance.





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Rebirth of the Pie’s

So I know it’s been a long time, but I have decided to revive the Pie Legacy!  I’ve since lost the save files from the original legacy, but I had Indigo in my studio, so I re-downloaded him and produced the Generation Six heir, Lilac Pie.  She’ll be making her debut shortly and I hope to complete the DITFT challenge!  I’m excited and hopefully some readers are, too!



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Chapter 5.8 – Indigo Pie

It wasn’t long after Lavender and I returned from our honeymoon that Sapphire and her team finished our new home.  She hadn’t let me see it since before the wedding, insisting that it be a surprise when it was finished.

Today was finally the day!  I must admit, I was a little nervous to see the finished product – this was, after all, going to be the home where I raised my family and (hopefully) where generations of Pie’s continued to thrive!

Sapph stood silently behind me as I gaped at the gorgeous mansion I would soon call home.  It. was. amazing.  Breathtaking… and for a moment, I was speechless.

“So… is it… okay?  I mean, do you like it,”  Sapphire finally asked, breaking the silence and reminding me to stop gaping and staring. 

I turned toward her with a huge smile.

“I’m in awe – it’s wonderful!”  I assured her, “And you said you already told Mom?”

She nodded, “I swear, I would have kept it a secret, but she knew I was up to something!”

“Nah, don’t worry about it… it’s probably better that she knew in advance, anyway.  Besides, it’s still going to be a surprise for Lavender!  So… when can we all move in?”

“Oh… um… you guys can move in soon… well, whenever you’re ready, I guess… but uh… well,  Marina and I won’t be joining you.  Ya see… things have been going really well with me and Cecil… and you know how much Marina wants to live closer to town… and well, long story short – we’re getting an apartment… with Cecil.”

I paused for a second to take in what Sapphire was saying… an apartment with Cecil?  So soon?  I knew they’d really hit it off after the wedding, but I didn’t know things were getting so serious. 

Moving in with Cecil…. don’t you think that’s a bit soon?  I mean – I don’t want to sound like the over protective big brother, here… but don’t you think it might be better to wait a little longer?”

Even as I was speaking, I could tell Sapph had already made up her mind.  She sighed.

I thought you might be a little upset… but I promise, I’ve made up my mind and this is what I really want to do.  Besides, it’s not like we’re moving to Briocheport or anything.  We’ll still be close.”

I pulled Sapphire into a tight hug.

“If that’s what you want to do, then who am I to stop you?”

“Thanks Indi… I was hoping you’d understand.”


When Sapphire and I returned home, Mom was waiting in the foyer looking as giddy as a school girl.

Did you see it?  Did you see that amazing house?!?”  She clasped her hands together with glee.

“I loved it, Mom – and I’m SO glad you’re excited… I was worried you’d be upset or something.”

“Ah,  so he finally saw it, then?”  Dad piped up as he strolled into the living room carrying Robyn.  Judging by Robyn’s tearful expression, Dad had been trying to get her to go potty like a big girl.  Who knew potty training could be so difficult?

Yep – Sapph just took me over to see it… my only question is When can we move in!?!”

Well, believe it or not, your mother and I just had that discussion last night, actually.” 

“We were thinking we could move just before Robyn’s birthday so we could have the party at the new house!”  Mom announced.

“Robyn’s birthday?”  I repeated, trying to do the math in my head, “Isn’t that a bit soon… I mean, we havn’t even started packing… so that would only give us a month to get everything in order!”

It’s totally possible,” Dad replied, “We’re just going to have to start packing tomorrow!”

“Sounds good, you can count me in!”  I laughed, “But just keep it quiet until tomorrow, k?  It’s still a surprise to Lavender and I want to tell her myself.”

“Sure thing, kiddo – yor secret’s safe with us!”


“How was you’re day, hon?”  I asked Lavender asked as she flopped onto the bed and heaved a sigh.  She had taken a job as a Teacher’s Assistant at the local elementary school and I knew the kids were really wearing her out. 

“It was okay – nothing too exciting.  How was yours?”

“Pretty good… actually, that’s sort of what I need to talk to you about.”  I fluffed my pillow and propped myself up next to her on the bed.

So you know how Sapphire has been working on that big project for an important client?” I paused, not sure exactly how to tell Lavender what had been going on behind her back for almost a year now.

“Mmhmmm….” she chimed in, encouraging me to go on.

Well… that “big client” was me… and she’s built us this amazing house!  You know, for Mom and Dad to have room to stay on and help with our kids… you know… when we have them… and for us to raise our family!”  I blurted it all out, hoping she’d be as excited as I was.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw her smile.

Is that what’s been going on?”  she laughed, “That’s amazing news!  I can’t believe you kept it a secert for this long!”

“Well,”  I replied, pulling her close to me, “I wanted it to be a wedding present, but there was just no way it would have been finished on time.”

“This is even better,” she replied, “… so… does this mean we can start, you know… trying?”  she eyed me with that irresistable expression that I knew only meant one thing.

“That’s exactly what I had in mind…”  I replied.


I gazed out my bedroom window for the finaly time, watching the sun come up steadily behind the hill that had been my view for nearly twenty years, now.  The house was totally empty and all that was left were a few essential boxes the movers hadn’t packed up yet.  I couldn’t believe I was actually saying goodbye to this house!

Things had been so busy the past month, I had barely had time to register how emotional this was for me.  I had watched two of my daughters, Sapphire and Marina, move out on their own and now I was getting ready to leave the house where I had seen all my children grow up! 

I heard quiet footsteps behind me… I knew it was Rush before he even spoke.

Hey sweet heart… it’s time.  The movers are ready to grab these last few boxes and then we’re on our way…. you doing okay?”

I turned and gave him by best attempt at a smile.

Of course… I’m just… saying good bye to this old house!”

But I couldn’t fool Rush – not after this many years together.  He put a hand on my shoulder and looked at my sympathetically.

We don’t have to leave, you know…”  he said quietly, “This has been home for so long, it’s hard to think that we can ever be happy anywhere else.”

I sniffed back a tear and pulled away, trying to collect myself.

No… no… it wouldn’t be the same if we stayed.  I want to be where our family is… I want to see my future grandchildren grow up.  Moving is the right thing to do… and I’m ready to get settled into our new place!”


The Pie Legacy House:

Maison de Pie – courtesy of Peaches327 and available for download here


True to her word, Mom planned Robyn’s birthday part for the week after the big move.  The entire house was going crazy trying to get everything ready so Lavender was on “Robyn Duty”.  I watched her play xylophone with my little sister and couldn’t help imagining what it was going to be like when we finally had children of our own. 

We had been actively trying to have our first baby, but so far there was no good news.  It had only been a month, though…so I wasn’t that worried.

We had Robyn’s celebration outside in the new backyard and even though we had plenty of room, we decided to keep the party small – just family and a few close friends.

Despite her utter hatred of bright sunlight, Mom insisted on bringing Robyn to the birthday cake.  I think she was feeling sentimental about her little girl growing up!

During the party I really did try to keep the focus on my adorable little sister, but I couldn’t help but notice Sapphire and Cecil have a private discussion near the pool house.

It looked like they were discussing something serious and I decided to jump on the first opportunity I had to talk to Cecil and see if I could weasle something out of him.  As soon as Sapphire went to grab a slice of cake, I plunged in.  Yes, I know… I was being super nosy, but I couldn’t help it!

Hey Cec!  What’s up?  Anything new going on with you and Sapph?”

Okay, so it wasn’t the most subtle conversation starter, but I didn’t have a whole lot of time to investigate before Sapphire returned and I lost my chance.

Dude… I swear, I can hardle contain myself but you sister is being super secretive… gah!  I don’t understand her sometimes!”  This, of course, piqued my curiosity… especailly since Cecil looked like he might burst.

What do you mean… what’s going on?”

“Don’t tell Sapph I said a word… but we eloped last night!  We’re married!”

I gasped with a mixture of excitement and horror – I didn’t think my little sister had that kind of adventurous streak in her! 

OMB – Cecil… seriously?”  I starte to say more but heard an “ahem” behind me that could only mean one thing… Sapphire was back.

Did you tell him, Cecil?!” she exclaimed, looking clearly exasperated…. “I SAID I wanted to wait and tell the whole family at once… sheesh!”

“Erm… right… well… I’m gonna let you two work this out… maybe I should go find Lavender.  I haven’t seen her in a while…”

I wandered away, my head reeling, but I tried to keep a straight face to avoid any questions.  If I could just find Lavender I could spill the news to her…

Looking for Lavender?” Dad asked as I wandered through the living room.  I had thought she was in the kitchen having cake, but I must have been wrong, “I saw her making a dash for the bathroom a few minutes ago… she wasn’t looking too well.”

“Hmm, really?  I’m headed to check on her right now… thanks, Dad.”

Lavender?  Sweetie… you okay?”  I approached the bathroom door. all thoughts of Sapphire and Cecil pushed from my head at the thought of my wife being sick.”

Wha – oh, is that you, Indigo?  Yeah… I’m okay… give me just a sec.”

I heard the toilet flush and the sink run for a few seconds before Lavender opened the door slowly.

Hey babe… I wasn’t feeling well – it just sort of hit me all of a sudden.  So I came in here and took a quick test… and well….

I’m pregnant!”

She threw her hands up in excitement as she did a little dance.   For a moment I was totally frozen in shock…

After she calmed down, I brushed my fingers through her hair.

Oh baby… that’s amazing!  We’re pregnant!  I can’t believe it!”  I stood gazing at my amazing wife, still trying to wrap my head around the news that will change my life forever.  We were going to be parents!

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Chapter 5.7 – A Wedding and a Honeymoon

I wanted to do a quick, shorter post with the pics from Lavender and Indigo’s BIG DAY!  There should be another, longer post this weekend once the newlyweds get back from their honeymoon! :o)


The morning of the wedding arrived and I woke up to the sun streaming in my window.  The butterflies in my stomach were already fluttering up a storm!  This was it – THE BIG DAY!

Despite my nerves, I tried to sip my coffee calmly – everything would be just fine.  But if I was this nervous, I couldn’t help but wonder how my lovely bride-to-be, Lavender was feeling this morning.


“How do I look…. OMB, I’m so nervous right now.”  I leaned in toward the mirror to inspect my newly applied make up. 

“Lavender, seriously – you look amazing.  Absolutely gorgeous!” 

I turned to face three of my bridesmaids – the fourth (Marina, Indigo’s other sister) had made a last minute trip to the store to pick up bobby pins.  There can’t be a wedding without plenty of extra bobby pins!…. ya know… just in case!

“OMB, Lavender….” Aqua gasped…. *sniff* “I’m gonna cry!”

“Beautiful, sis… really.  I wish Mom were here to see you today – she would have been really proud.”  Peony isn’t usually sentimental or emotional at all… but I thought I could see her fighting back tears as she watched me put on the finishing touches. 

“Right then…. this is it – time to go get married!”

I can honestly say at the moment the butterflies vanished and just for a second I was just really excited to be getting married to Indigo – the one man in the world who I knew would be my knight in shining armor.

The good feeling didn’t last long, however….

We arrived outside the wedding venue and I could see it was packed.  People were practically standing in the aisles!

Ready for your close up?” Peony joked before notcing the panicked expression on my face.

Look at all those people, Peony… I can’t.  I can’t do this.  They’ll all be looking at me…”  My heart started racing and I felt the familiar lump of panic rise in my throat.  Why, why why did I get so nervous around people! 

Peony dropped her humorous banter and smiled warmly at me.

Look, sis… I hate to be pushy, but you are NOT backing down now… just ignore all these people and take a look at your handsome man up there on the altar waiting for you.  See?” 


I stood at the altar watching all the guests file into their seats… this was it.  The ceremony was about to begin.  I saw Lavender at the end on the aisle and literally almost choked… she looked amazing.  But nervous.  Really nervous. 

I saw her turn away from the building and I felt a rise of panic in my chest.  This was it… she was going to change her mind.  She didn’t want to marry a poor musician after all.

Peony glanced toward me with and gave me a reassuring wink.  I sighed…. this was going to be fine.  Lavender turned and smiled at me – we were ready to begin!

“I – you look… amazing.”  I whispered as Lavender reached the altar and grasped my hand.  “You had me a bit nervous there for a second…”

Indigo – I love you.”   I barely heard Lavender’s words as the ceremony began, but her look said it all.  I didn’t have a thing to be nervous about with the woman of my dreams standing beside me. 

After the initial fear or rejection, the rest of the wedding went off without a hitch.  We exchanged rings….

I kissed the lovely bride…..

We took a few pics – first of the wedding party.  Look at me and all those beautiful ladies!  I couldn’t have made it through this day without my sisters!

Even Robyn participated!  She was our flower girl, but she spent most of the day sucking on her hands and picking her nose – despite that, she was cute as a berry button!

Mom and Dad stayed surprising calm though the whol event – I thought I might have caught Dad wiping away a tear, but Mom looked totally excited the entire time. 

After some quick family photos, we were ready to celebrate!

Mom and Aqua were among the first to the dance floor, but others soon followed!

Against his will, Dad was dragged to the dance floor and ended up rocking out until almost midnight!  Who knew the old man still had it in him!


Uh, hey Peony… who’s that guy over there… by the window?”

“Oh him?  I think that’s Cecil… one of the guys from Indigo’s band… I’m not sure though… maybe you should go introduce yourself!”


“Okay girls… don’t look now, but I think Sapphire may have a little crush!”


“No way!  hehe – isn’t that Cecil… the drummer from Indi’s band?”

“Ya!  He’s totally hot!”

There couldn’t be a family gathering without some sort of argument – I guess poor Pummelo Chiffon (visiting all the way from Sugar Valley) found himself in the midst of Aunt Essie’s rage!  I always thought she was a little mean spirited… even if she is Mom’s favorite sister.

**Pummelo Chiffon downloaded from Berrypie27 on The Sims 3 Exchange!**

At the end of the reception, all the Pie ladies gathered for a quick photo, including the newest member – my gorgeous wife, Lavender Pie! 



The lovely flower girl…



We chose the San Pedro Resort for our honeymoon destination!  I wasn’t planning on keeping an update on Lavender and I during out honeymoon, but mom wanted me to at least record a few quick details.  I reluctantly agreed… after all… it’s for the legacy!

**San Pedro Villa by ninotchka at MTS!**

The resort had plenty of poolside chairs for us to lounge in while we enjoyed the Mediterranean sun!

There was time for romance…..

And of course, a few tunes by the pool cabana… I can’t go anywhere without my guitar!

I managed to get us lost on our way to the San Pedro Nectary…. I swear, the map was printed wrong… there should have been a street right here!!!

But getting lost led us to stop and ask for help… and we met Therese!  She proved to be much more than a kind local and offered to show us the way to the Nectary!  (Her brother Gerard worked there!)

We spent the day with Therese and Gerard, goofing off and taking some pictures…

Gerard was nervous because he was missing work to hang out with us.

But all good things must come to an end…and it was already time for us to catch the plane back to Riverview.  I had a feeling, however, that we hadn’t seen the end of Therese and Gerard… we exchanged numbers and email addresses, promising to get in touch.

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Chapter 5.6 – Indigo Pie

“Indi – you’re up early!”

Mom said as I stumbled into the kitchen.  It was only 6:30am but I had spent the night tossing and turning so I figured I might as well try to talk to my parents before they left for work.

“Yea…. actually, Mom – can we talk for a second?  I’m kind of…. I don’t know…. upset, I guess.”

“What’s the matter, son?”  Dad chimed in. 

They both turned to me with concerned expressions.

I sighed.

“It’s Lavender.  I love her… more than – well – anything.  But I just don’t know if I can provide for her or a family if I ask her to marry me, ya know?  I don’t know… it just doesn’t seem right.  I mean, she deserves someone who’s going to give her everything she needs…”

“And you don’t think you’re that ‘someone’?”  Mom interrupted. 

I shook my head.  She sighed.

“Indigo.  You just need to have some confidence in yourself!”  She exclaimed.  Dad nodded.

“You’re mother and I will support you in whatever you choose to do… there’s never going to be time when you need to worry.”

“Exactly.”  Mom seconded, “If you want to pursue your music career AND marry Lavender then you can stay in the apartment above the garage until you get more financially settled.  Just take a few deep breaths and quit being so hard on yourself… you’re young – you’ve got plenty of time to accomplish all your goals.”


Saturday night – the night of my first gig with the band – arrived and I found myself taking deep breaths outside the sports bar to try to calm my nerves before the show started.

Once we got up on stage, however, I started to realize there was absolutely nothing to be worried about…. considering we had no audience.  The bar was literally empty, except for Lavender who was grooving out on the dance floor all by herself.

As disappointed as I was about the lack of listeners, I couldn’t help but smile as I watched Lavender.  Besides, it was fun just playing on a real stage with a real band.

We only played one short set, however, before Java decided to call it quits.  We gathered in the deserted bar area after putting away our instruments.

“This sucks soooo bad!”  Cecil moaned dramatically.  “What’s the point of being in a band when there’s no one to play for?”

I have to admit, I kind of agreed with him, but I took one look at Java’s face and decided it was best to keep my opinion to myself.  He sighed heavily and wandered toward the bar.

“Hey…” I said as I approached him.

“Hey – sorry to drag you out here on a Saturday night… looks like it was a pretty worthless gig.”  He stared sullenly into his drink.

“It’s no big deal, Java… I’m sure every band has ‘off nights’… the next gig will be better.”

“Hmmmph.  It’s embarassing, ya know?  I’m supposed to be some sort of leader and we can’t even get gigs in front of people!  It’s ridiculous, really…”

“Well, maybe it’s not as bad as you think.  Every band could use some good publicity – maybe that’s what we need to work on… just, ya know… getting our name out there so people know we’re worth listening to!”

Java threw his hands up in frustration.

“Oh sure… you come in here thinking you know what’s best for us!  You haven’t even been with us a week and you think you can solve all our problems!  For all I know you’re a PART of the problem…”

“Woah, woah…. I was just trying to help.  If you don’t want my advice, don’t take it… I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

I guess I wasn’t as accustomed to Java’s explosive temper as the rest of the band… I still had a few things to learn about keeping the peace.  No need to start a fight on my first official night as a band member.

“Hmmph.”  Java turned and walked away, leaving me glaring at him in frustration. 

“What was that all about?”  Lavender whispered as I met her on the dance floor.

“Ugh… he’s just being difficult… it’s no big deal.  I’m not gonig to let him ruin my night.”  I tried to keep my expression upbeat, but even I could hear the disappointment in my voice.  Lavender didn’t miss it, either.

“Hey.  I’m really sorry tonight didn’t go how you’d hoped….”

I shrugged.

“I think you need to forget about it and have a little fun….”  she grinned at me.

“C’mon… let’s dance.”  Grabbing my hands, she dragged me onto the dance floor.


I woke up the next morning and found Lavender in the kitchen eating toast.  She wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Good morning – did you sleep well?”

“Mmmhmmm,”  I responded as I looped my arms around her lower back and pulled her to me suggestively.  She giggled.

“Not now…” she said smiling… “I have to be at work in, like, thirty-five minutes!”

“Don’t go… just call and say you’ll be late.”

“Trust me… I’d stay here with you forever if I could… but I have to get ready to go.”

“Ah – see… you shouldn’t have said that!”


“That you’d stay here forever!  But now it’s too late… you’ve forced me to do something I was going to do later this week.”  I replied teasingly.

Although I said it lightly, my heart was pounding as I knelt to my knee and reached into my pocket to pull out that little black box.  I heard Lavender gasp as she began to understand what was about to happen.

I pulled out the ring and looked up at the love of my life.

“Lavender Pearberry… I love you.  And I can’t imagine waking up without you next to me for the rest of my life.  I know I might now be perfect right now, but I promise you I will do everything in my power to make you the happiest woman in Twinbrook.  Will you marry me?”

For a moment, Lavender stared at me, her eyes wide with disbelief.  I had a split second of panic before she started jumping up and down and giggling.

“Yes!  Yes, of course I’ll marry you… oh!  Indigo!” 

Her reply was a mixture of sobs and giggles, but I heard just enough to breath a sigh of relief and slip the ring on her finger.  She lept into my arms and sqeezed me tightly and I felt like I could have flown to the moon – She said yes!


After Lavender got ready for work, we headed down to the living room to make our big announcement to the family.  Lavender squeezed my hand nervously – she was worried my family wouldn’t accept her – but I knew they’d be thrilled.

Marina was so excited she let out a scream that probably woke the wole neighborhood!

“Lavender!”  Mom came towards us after we shared the news, “Welcome to the family, sweet heart!  We’re just so thrilled for you both!”

I rubbed Lavender’s back reassuringly.

“Thank you… I hope I can make you and your family proud.”

“You’ll be fabulous!”  I replied “Besides, we’re a team now – we’ll be great together!”


After the we announced the engagement, wedding planning work started right away.  Lavender was always working on something for the big day – but I had a big project of my own!

Mom and Dad said they’d let Lavender and I stay on in the apartment as long as we needed, but the truth was, we were quickly outgrowing our family home and I had a solution!  We needed a Legacy house… a place big enough to house anyone in the family who needed a place to stay. 

I was heading into town to meet with the architect who agreed to work on the project…

“Indi!  Hey!”  Sapphire rushed to the door of her office as I came in.  Yup!  Sapphire had started her own design business and agreed to take me on as her first major client!

“Hey, sis!  You wanted to show me the plans?”

“Yep, right this way…”  she ushered me toward her drafting table, “okay… so this is the final version… take a look, tell me what you think….”

She stood back as I examined the detailed plans for the new house.

“Well…” she leaned in after I had finished, “What do you think?  Do you like it?  Will Mom and Dad like it?”

I chuckled at her nervousness.

“Sapph, it looks perfect!  You really outdid yourself!”

“Okay, good,” she sighed with relief, “Then that’s it!  We break ground early next week!”

I left Sapphire’s office as she set to work making the last few tiny adjustments to the plans.  I knew the house wouldn’t be finished in time for the wedding, but I hoped I would at least have something to show Lavender on our big day!


“Peony!”  I called as my sister arrived, “I’m so glad you could come… I just can’t imagine wedding dress shopping without you!”

“And I wouldn’t miss it for the world… all those people staring at you while you try on all kinds of ugly dresses before you find the one perfect one – should be great!”  She must have seen the look of panic on my face.

“Oh c’mon – don’t be nervous… it’ll be fun.  You’re going to be beautiful and no one but me and Sapphire are going to be staring…Let’s go!”

I sighed as I tried to calm my nerves… but it just wasn’t that easy!  I hated hated hated being the center of attention… and the deeper I got into the wedding planning the more nervous I got about all the focus being on me.

Peony linked her arm through mine and dragged me to the car.

We arrived at the dress shop and Sapphire was waiting with Robyn – At least having Robyn there would take some attention off me – she needed to try on a Flower Girl dress.

“Ready for this?” Sapph asked.

“Yup… ready as I’ll ever be!”  I replied.

“Alright… first dress…”  I peeked out from the dressing room and Peony studied me quizzically.

“Nope… it’s not ‘the one’…” she replied.

“Yeah – I don’t like it.”

“It wasn’t that bad…”  Sapph said once I was back in the dressing room.

“No, it wasn’t bad… but we’ll know when she finds the right one.  I just don’t know how much torture she’ll be able to handle before she gives up…”

“Uh… I can hear you, ya know?”  I replied, rolling my eyes as I zipped up the next dress candidate.

“Okay… this one?  It’s not too bad…”

“No… I like it.”

“Me too,”  Sapph chimed in, ” I say you keep it on the ‘maybe’ list and try on a few more.”

The next few dresses were nixed before I even stepped out of the dressing room.  I could hear Robyn getting fussy out in the waiting room and poor Sapphire and Peony were doing everything they could to keep her happy.

“I spy with my little eye… something… pink!”  Peony said cheerfully to Robyn.

“Uh… nice try, Peony… but everything’s pink in here.”

“Okay… here’s the next one…”  I called out to the waiting room.

As soon as I stepped out or the dressing room, the looks on Sapphire and Peony’s faces confirmed my own feelings… this dress was “the one”.

“Beautiful!”  Peony gasped, “Oh… Lavender… it’s perfect!”

“Absolutely perfect!”  Sapphire echoed.

I breathed a sigh of relief… one thing was for sure… I was going to look great on my wedding day!  I just hoped Indigo thought so, too!

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Chapter 5.5 – Indigo Pie

I have to admit that my little sister was pretty adorable. Dad seemed totally smitten and I loved to watch his face as he cuddled and played with little Robyn. She is the only one of us to inherit Dad’s blue tinted complexion, so I think Robyn pretty much had Dad wrapped around her finger as soon as he set eyes on her.

Like Dad promised, they did find a solution to the bedroom situation… and I was the one who benefited the most – check this out! Mom and Dad had the attic above the garage finished and fitted out to be like a small studio-style apartment – just for me!! It wasn’t huge – just enough space for my bed, a small kitchen and my drum set – but it was just like having my own place.

“I hope you like it, Indigo!” Dad said, looking around as he ushered me into my new space.

“Dad, Mom…. I – I don’t even know what to say. It’s perfect! Thank you so much!”

Having my own apartment still attached to my parents’ house saved me tons of money, but I still needed to get my name out there as a talented musician in Twinbrook. Every day after work, I’d set up my guitar at the park and play for tips until it got too dark. It wasn’t exactly the glamorous life of a musician I had envisioned when I started taking guitar lessons, but it was a start!

Anytime I started to get frustrated with how slowly my music career was progressing, I wandered downstairs to the main house and let Robyn cheer me up. She wasn’t a little bundle of blankets anymore! I loved making her giggle and trying to get her to say my name.

“Robyn! Say In-di-go…”


Since Sapphire and Marina were grounded indefinitely for their late night sneak-out, Robyn wasn’t wanting for any attention. Sapphire, who swore she’d never have kids of her own, was even sucked in by Robyn’s charms.

“Are you ready for a party, Robyn?”


“Yep, that’s right – me and Marina are going to be all grown up! And you’ll get to eat some cake!”

Ugh – The twins’ birthday… I had almost forgotten.  The only person I was hoping to see there was Lavender.  Our relationship had been pretty intense when I was still in high school… but after I graduated, we’ve sort of… drifted apart.  I had been focusing on my career and she was still in school… it just seemed – weird. 

Anyway… I hoped she’d be there.

Later that day, family and friends started piling into the backyard for the big celebration. I couldn’t believe my little sisters were already going to be adults… they seemed so… young! The first person to arrive looked vaguely familiar. He made a beeline straight for me and stretched out his arm for a firm handshake.

“Indigo! My, you’ve grown up! I’m sure you don’t remember me – I guess I’m your great uncle, though… Sam!”

I returned his handshake as I quickly racked my brain to figure out who he was…
Ah! No wonder he looked familiar… he was Grandpa Pomegranate’s twin brother!

“Hey, Uncle Salmon- of course I remember you!”

“Listen, Indi – I heard from your Mom that you’ve really got some musical talent. She said you’ve been looking for a break, maybe trying to get into a band. Well, I don’t know if it’ll come to anything, but I know a kid about your age, Cecil, who’s been looking for a band member for his group. You interested?”

“Interested? Yeah! Yeah! I’d love to be in a band – I’ve been looking forever and haven’t had any luck!”

“Great! I’ll get you his number so you two can meet up…”

Uncle Sammy was still talking, giving me more details about this kid Cecil and his band, but I was suddenly distracted…

From across the patio, which was now a bit more crowded with guests, I saw the most beautiful vision of purple and lilac… I was so taken aback, I literally stared at her for a full thirty seconds. Could that be Lavender?

She spotted me and lifted her hand, giving me a flirty wave. It was Lavender and she was all grown up… and GORGEOUS!

She approached me and threw her arms around me – I breathed in the scent of her hair as I hugged her tightly.  I hadn’t realized just how much I missed her until that moment and I kicked myself for letting our relationship drift.

“Indigo!  You look great!”  She whispered into my ear as we parted.  I felt familiar butterflies in my stomach.  Hoping to make up for lost time, I grabbed her hand and led her inside, away from the crowd.

“I’ve really missed you…”  I started as we snuggled into the sofa.

“And I’ve missed you…”  she replied, fixing those gorgeous eyes on me suggestively… oh, Berry… we weren’t in high school anymore and I wasn’t sure how long I could resist those kinds of seductive glances from Lavender… 

After an awkward pause, we settled into boring conversation (it seemed safer… I didn’t want to be tempted to invite her up to my apartment…) until the party ended and we said our goodbyes… promising to meet up again soon.


“Are you Indigo?”

I nodded as I walked up the driveway toward the guy who I assumed was Cecil.  It took me a few months, but I had taken my Uncle Sammy’s advice and set up and audition to join the band.

“Great!  Glad you could make it… look… we’ve auditioned a lot of people so I’m not making any promises, k?”  He ushered me into the garage where I could hear music playing already.

“Right.”  said Cecil, “Guys, this is Indigo.  Indigo, here’s the rest of the band… that’s Java on the left – he’s kind of in charge here… and Mellow’s on the right.”

Mellow greeted me with a smile and a friendly wave, but Java was looking less than thrilled…

“Skip the intro Cecil and let’s get this over with…”  Java rolled his eyes and pretty much ignored me.

I picked up the guitar that was plugged into the amp and the guys started to jam, looking at me to join in…  I think I started out a bit slow, but soon I just forgot about my nerves and felt the music start to flow more naturally…

We moved through several basic riffs before Java took the lead on the bass and started pumping out some more difficult stuff.  His eyes widened with what I assumed to be pleasant surprise as I quickly picked up what he was playing.

After a good thirty minutes of solid jamming, Java signaled for us to stop and came toward me.

“I’m impressed, Indigo… there’s always room for improvement, though.”  He paused as if he was trying to decide what to say next.  

“Alright…” he said, rubbing his neck,  “meet us at the the sports bar across from the stadium next Saturday at 7… don’t be late.”

“I’ll be there… and thanks so much for this opportunity. I really appreciate it.” 


 I’ll admit it…. I was totally sucking up to the band leader.  But, like Mom used to say to Marina when the kids at school teased her… “kill ’em with kindness.” 

As Java walked out of the garage, Mellow came up and clapped me on the shoulder.

“Congrats, Indigo!  Those were some serious scales you were killin’!”

“Dude… your uncle said you were good… but that was AWESOME!  I’ve never seen Java react like that.  You’re in for sure, man.  That gig at the sports bar on Satuday is our weekly paycheck so he’s gotta be pretty confident you’re the guy!” 

As I took in Cecil’s words I felt a smile creep over my face.  I did it!

“You’re kidding?  Like, an actual gig?  I knew I was feelin’ those riffs, but this – this is just GREAT!”  I tried to control my excitment as Cecil and I discussed the particulars of the band and the practice schedule. 

When I finally left it was almost dark – I was smiling to myself as I walked toward the river front to meet Lavender.  I could check one more thing off my list… I had secured myself a place in a band… now if I could just secure the woman of my dreams…


“Hey handsome…” Lavender smiled as I stepped toward her.

“Hey…. so guess what?”  I was practically bursting to tell someone my good news.  “I think made the band… you know, the one Uncle Pom told me about.  I’m playing a gig with them next week!”

“That’s great, babe!  Congrats!”  Lavender smiled, but I sensed that something just wasn’t quite right.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?  Is everything okay?”

Lavender sighed.

“Everything’s fine, Indigo.  I guess… I just… I’ve been thinking a lot about our future…”  As she paused to collect her thoughts, my heart started beating faster.  This wasn’t the beginning of a break-up speech, was it?  Lavender must have seen the panic in my eyes…

“Oh! Indi, don’t freak out… I love you so so much and nothing in the world could change that.  But, you know… family is really important to me and I want to be sure the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with is ready to take on that kind of responsibility, ya know?  I guess I just don’t know if playing in a band is really going to be enough to provide for our future family…”

Lavender trailed off and I could see she had been giving this a lot of thought – I felt a mixture of anger and self-loathing.  She didn’t think I was good enough for her… but I couldn’t let her go that easily.  I’m embarassed to say I might have been tearing up a bit as I gripped her shoulder reassuringly.

“Lavender… I have never felt about anybody the way I feel about you.  When I’m with you, nothing else in the world matters.  And I will promise you – I’ll swear it on the Founder – that I will do whatever it takes to provide for you.”


Back at home, I snuggled close to Lavender as we watched TV in my bed… the TV didn’t hold our attention for long, though…

I gazed at Lavender as she drifted off to sleep after our love making.  I tried to close my eyes as well, but I kept going back to what Lavender said about providing for our future. 

 In a lot of ways, I was beginning to think she had a point.  I had don’e nothing to prove I could handle what life would throw my way…Was I just doing what was best for me and not what I needed to do for my family, my girlfriend, and the future or the Legacy?

It was a question I couldn’t answer – but that didn’t stop me from staying up all night thinking as Lavender slept soundly beside me.

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